Kade Shirt cut.jpg

Shirt tails gone!

Kade really did not want to sacrifice his favorite shirt but we insisted! His brother Conner watches in the background, he is next!

Kade solo July 2019.jpg

First Solo!

Nice job Kade and instructor Isaac on a great solo!

Sprat Solo.jpg

Time to cut the shirt!

Sprat’s first solo on July 16, 2019! Nice work!

Emily Solo.jpg


Emily’s first solo July 15, 2019. Great Job!

Colleen Schooley CFI

Owen Solo.jpg

First Solo!

Owen Heaton, winner of the EAA flight scholarship soloed on July 4th 2019!

Isaac Slepian CFI

Ohare PPL March 2019.jpg

Private Pilot

Nice job! Scott O’Hare finished his Private Pilot certificate on a beautiful day in March 2019.

Matt Angle Private Pilot

Private Pilot

Congrats! Matt Angle passed his Private Pilot Checkride in November 2018 and is now a Private Pilot.

Private Pilot Virginie Baude

Private Pilot

Virginie Baude finished her Private Pilot training in October 2018! Great Job!

Emery Rheam First Solo

First Solo!

Emery Rheam made her first solo flight in N8089E August 2018. Her instructor was Isaac Slepian. Nice Job!